Braids Training Kit - Braid Academy


The Complete Braiding Training Kit is the perfect took kit for a beginner hair braider or someone struggling with the ideal tools to use in her braiding business. Also, if you love to braid hair, this kit is all you need to become the expert hair braider. The X-pression braid extension or Darling X-pression included can be used to do a full head cornrows or single braids for kids. We have also added pre-stretched hair extension to give you an idea of how it should look like. The kit includes 15 items including:

  1. Sleek edge control and gel 
  2. Hair brush
  3. Tail Comb
  4. X-pression Braid Extension
  5. Pre-stretched hair
  6. Mannequin Head
  7. Mannequin Head Clamp
  8. Oil Sheen Spray
  9. Sassy Hair Moisturiser
  10. Hair mouse

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